These Folding Designs Have Heart

February is all about love, so in that spirit, I thought it would be fun to feature my all-time favorite heart-themed folded invitations.

The heart is a universal symbol that has been “done” a million ways, so to be truly original with the heart is a tremendous feat of design, in my opinion. Accomplish it through creative folding, and you’ve really earned my respect. Here are three outstanding invitations that utilize creative folding with a heart theme. Enjoy, lovebirds.

The Locked Heart Wedding Invitation
This creative and fun wedding invitation uses a heart as a locking mechanism on the cover. To do so, the heart is split into two halves, folded and inserted through a vertical slit on the cover panel. The base format for this fold is the iron cross, which offers a surprising plus-shaped reveal, and the final panel is perfed so that it can be removed for response.

Design: St. Bernadine Mission Communications, Vancouver, BC Canada

Print Production: Blanchette Press, Richmond, BC Canada

Video: Fold of the Week Episode 145

Notes: Die cut/score/perf, hand fold


The Heart Shaped Simple Snake Fold Invitation
When I removed this sample from its envelope for the first time, I just couldn’t imagine how it would unfold. My first instinct was an accordion, but it was really fun to find that it was actually a simple snake fold, which is a rolling format that unravels at 90 degree angles. The end result looks like a four-leaf clover. The romantic garden event theme is beautifully rendered throughout this memorable heart-shaped invitation. 

Design: Stensland Design, Marina, CA

Print Production: V3 Printing, Oxnard, CA

Client: Ganna Walska Lotusland Foundation, Montecito, CA

Video: Fold of the Week Episode 203

Notes: Die cut/score, hand fold


Nested Heart Wedding Invitation
This is one of the most special wedding invitations I have ever seen, and I fell in love with it the moment that I saw it. The carrier features a blind embossed pattern and a flat foil stamped logo that was designed just for the couple. Nested into the carrier is a folded heart in the softest shades of pink. Once removed, the heart unfolds in an accordion with angled scores and opens up into the shape of a cherry blossom. They typography works with the floral theme and organic shape. It’s unique and special and truly memorable.

Design: Gee + Chung Design, San Francisco

Video: Fold of the Week Episode 225

Notes: Die cut, blind emboss and foil stamp, hand fold and insert

I hope you’ve fallen in love with these heart-themed folded invitation ideas. Need more folded inspiration? Visit Foldfactory for creative folded samples, production dielines and comps.

Trish Witkowski